by Lycus

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released July 9, 2013




Lycus Oakland, California

Although Oakland's LYCUS is a slow, measured doom band at heart, the band’s sound stems from of a wide array of influences including black metal, death metal, noise, darkwave, and shoegaze. LYCUS’s particular take on mortality and inevitability is conducted on such a great scale that the band might as well craft dirges for the interment of the entire universe. ... more


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Track Name: Coma Burn
Hostage to a history of tormenting grey
Draped in times of perpetual strain
Blind to each moment I strive to see
In a coma I fuel the flames of grief
The shroud of smoke cowers and daunts
Polluting the mind with crippling haunts
Doubt is risen and desire falls frail
When a broken spirit rests bitterly still

The poison dissipates as winds cleanse the sky
Flames burn tame invoking vision to a blind eye
Encompassed by tranquility
A being reborn
Is scathed by betrayal and scarred by scorn

Hatred is spawned by a love once drowned
The harp of grace cried a bellowing sound
A coma burn regressed to an infectious wound
As light deflects from a misanthropic moon
Track Name: Engravings
Days blur together
Fading in obscurity
Nightmare of my mind
Tortured by reminiscence
Haunted by bittersweet memories

As acid rain corrodes and drains
Rendered engravings impose woeful shame
Gracefully fierce with a tone that abrades
Lacing a trait that sinks and fades

Chasmal and eternal
They dispel vitality
Compulsive and incessant
They deprave morality

Like a stigma burned into the hide of an animal
They exemplify enslavement to an infallible malefactor

As I drift withdrawn from a state of solace
A blanket of haze is sought with haste
Beneath an ephemeral shelter of crimson cirrus
I am transfixed by grace until impaled and displaced
Track Name: Tempest
With a gaze into the seas
Swelling with bile
Intimations unveil
Divine yet vile

A solitary lust
Spores into deterioration
And douses the candle of reconciliation

Cherish the asylum
For it will soon decay
And wither into a hell
Manifested by dismay

Into the toils of despair
We are bludgeoned by desire
Bound by truth
Within a disillusioned mire

Voices of distress
Plead for serenity
In the hour of tempest
Accursed with tyranny

Cease this agony
Black sea
Swallowing misery
Shimmer vanishes
Close my eyes

Prosperity is smeared by an insurgence of strife
Our blood flows tainted with a willowing blight
The tempest succumbs into an enigmatic slumber
As our dreams are deemed spoiled
In the absence of light